Digital Counters (2) – Omron H7EC-P


I have two Omron H7EC-P digital counters. They are (new). One is in its original box and the other is
not. They have been stored together for many years and I don’t see myself using them.

They are both the same and are PC mounting through hole.

If you enlarge the photo there is a schematic on the side. It appears the are powered by 3VDC. You can wire them into counting anything you want (like run time).

The Omron data sheet can be obtained on the internet ( I have a copy).

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Money Gram. Sending payment via cheque is the least cost to you.

A Canada Post MoneyGram is the fastest method of payment but they charge $10 for the service. With the
money gram you go in with my name and address, and they send direct to the post office here. It’s fast
and secure.

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