CX210N Heavy Duty Wideband Coax Switch


CX210N Heavy Duty Wideband Coax Switch Brand New  Never Used Specifications: Frequency: DC-3000 MHz Power: 1.5 KW Connector: Type N Insertion Loss: Less than 0.05dB DC to 500 MHz Less than 0.1dB 500 to 1000MHz Less than 0.15dB 1000 to 2000 MHz Less than 0.2dB 2000 to 3000MHz Isolation: More than 70dB DC to 200 MHz More than 60dB 200 to 1000MHz More than 55dB 1000 to 2000 MHz More than 50dB 2000 to 3000MHz

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  • Callsign : VO1CH
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  • Item Condition : Used
  • Used Condition : Good