Complete “Go Box”

$2,000total price

Complete “go box” Includes the following
FT-991 (Not A)
External Analog HF SWR/Power Meter
External Analog VHF/UFH SWR/Power Meter
MFJ 1709B-SDR TX Switch
Anderson Power pole distribution box
Common Mode choke (Mix 31 Toroid) (Inline with HF)
AC Power Distribution strip
External Speaker
DMTF Mic MH-36
RT-Systems Programming Software
Original FT-991 box and manual
100’ of LM400 Coax


This “go box” is heavy, weighing 25kg, you can see from the video that
the light covers on the AC power distribution box are broken.

If you were to build this all out now, would be well over $3000 to do so.
Reason for selling: Divorcing

I live in Whitecourt, AB, but am willing to drive a few hours to meet up with someone.
Please see YouTube video showing it all working.