Changes to hamshack Account Procedure

Changes to hamshack Account Procedure

The hamshack new account registration form has been disabled for several months now, in an attempt to address the fraudulent activity that was occurring on ham radio buy and sell sites across Canada.

Prior to this sellers who indicated that they were ‘studying’ for their ham radio licence were allowed to list items on the site. In addition, a couple of sellers were ‘invited’ to list items on the site after determining the items listed for sale would be of interest to hamshack users.

Going forward ALL sellers MUST have a current Amateur Radio Callsign to list items for sale on hamshack. Potential buyers have the option of reviewing a seller’s callsign on the Industry Canada site and which helps to legitimize the authenticity of the seller. Although this change is intended to further promote the security of buyers and sellers on, users are still reminded to exercise ‘due diligence’ when buying and selling items.

73 Don VE7DXE