Antenna Theory Quiz…..First of Many!

Antenna Theory Quiz…..First of Many!

Are you up on your amateur radio antenna theory?


Why not try the Antenna Theory Quiz!

Spanning a range of topics, from the Yagi-Uda antenna’s specifics to the intricacies of phased arrays, this 20-question multiple-choice assessment is designed to test and refine your expertise. Whether you’re seeking to validate your knowledge or uncover areas for further study, this Antenna Theory Quiz offers an interesting exploration (I hope) of antenna design principles and practices!

There are plans to add a simplified Ham Radio Learning Centre to to help new hams study the necessary course content to pass the Basic Amateur Radio Exam, as well as a more detailed section for those interested in obtaining their Advanced Qualification.

This Antenna Theory Quiz is presented as a demonstration prototype to validate the Quiz functionality that will be used on Have fun with the Quiz and please use the Message to Seller link to let me know what you think about this Quiz, and the proposed Ham Radio Learning Centre project and suggestions about content and delivery, etc?

Have fun! 73 Don VE7DXE



Transmission Lines and Antenna Systems

Advanced Antenna Design Quiz

This challenging 20-question quiz delves into advanced antenna design, targeting seasoned ham radio enthusiasts eager to test or expand their knowledge.

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In a phased array, what is the primary method to achieve a directional pattern?


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Which antenna is known for having both horizontal and vertical radiation patterns?


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How does the gain of a two-element Yagi compare to a dipole?


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What happens to the radiation resistance of a short dipole as it's made shorter?


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Which of the following is NOT a primary component of a quad antenna?


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What is the main benefit of using a log-periodic antenna?


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What type of antenna uses a long wire with a series of loading coils or capacitors?


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Which antenna has a radiation pattern shaped like a figure-eight?


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Which of the following best describes a collinear antenna design?


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What is the primary advantage of a stacked antenna configuration?


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Which type of antenna is most sensitive to the height above ground?

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What determines the resonant frequency of a loop antenna?


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What antenna configuration uses a driven element with a parasitic element to achieve directionality?

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How is the feed point impedance of an end-fed half-wave (EFHW) antenna typically characterized?

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For a quarter-wave vertical antenna, what is the ideal number of radials?

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Which of the following antenna types exhibits the highest gain?

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What is the primary radiation pattern of a vertical antenna over perfectly conducting ground?

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What is the primary purpose of using a balun with a dipole antenna?

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In a Yagi-Uda antenna, which element is the longest?

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What is the primary advantage of a Beverage antenna?

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