Ameriton RCS-4 Remote Coax Switch

Ameriton RCS-4 Remote Coax Switch
Ameriton RCS-4 Remote Coax Switch
Ameriton RCS-4 Remote Coax Switch
Ameriton RCS-4 Remote Coax Switch

This Ameritron RCS-4 Remote Coax Switch is a remote-controlled coax switche that select one of four outputs by supplying all control voltages through the coax. The elimination of control cables gives you a fast, neat, and inexpensive installation with only one coaxial line for four antennas.  Included are two units, the switching box that can be tower, mast, or wall mounted, and the control console that is located at your operating station. The indoor consoles have bright LED antenna selector indicators. A steel enclosure provides 100 percent shielding to prevent RFI and TVI. Switching time is 50ms. SO-239 connectors provide reliable connections.

The weatherproof switching box uses three heavy-duty 10 ampere contact relays on a G-10 fiberglass circuit board. Quality components are used throughout the entire unit to ensure maximum life for the sometimes difficult-to-reach switching box.
RCS-4 antenna switches operate from any 120 V AC power source that allows for safe operation with 14 V control voltage. Frequencies from 1.8 to through 60 MHz are covered by these convenient station accessories that handle 1,500 watts continuous. RCS-4L switches (“L” for lightning) incorporate a gas-tube surge suppressor for protection from lightning induced voltages.

This unit has been sitting on my shelf since the weather box was sent to factory for relay box adjustment in June 0f 2020.  Since then has been on my shelf, sealed from the factory – not used again.   I have paperwork from the factory.

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