6 Band Portable Ham Radio HF Linked Dipole Antenna 6m 10m 15m 20m 40m 80m


New ham built antenna

Portable 6 band HF linked dipole antenna. An efficient dipole antenna that does not require a tuner.* Good for backpacking, SOTA, POTA, field day and emergency communications. Lightweight and easy to setup. Just add a portable pop up mast, a radio and you’re on the air. The mast slides right into the center insulator. To change bands, leave all the tent pegs in place and simply lower the center of the antenna by laying down the mast. Link or unlink the alligator clips to the band you want to use. Works great on a 100 watt radio. Length of the antenna is about 130 feet.

Note: Tuned using a 23ft pop up mast. SWR can vary depending on center height and setup configuration. Meant to be used with a pop up mast in an inverted V configuration. Other configurations may work.

Bandwidth under 2:1 SWR:

6m 50.000-51.000
10m 28.000-29.000
15m 21.000-21.450
20m 14.000-14.350
40m 7.000-7.300
80m 3.640-3.860

*Note: Playing with the positions of the clips per band in use can tweak the SWR. Will work the whole 80m band with a tuner.

18 AWG stranded wire
Linked dipole kit
RG174/u Coax

What is Included:
3 x tent pegs
1 x guy line for 3rd support line
2 x winders
1 x 6 band dipole antenna
1 x 25-30 ft RG174/u Coax with BNC male connector
1 x coax wound 1:1 current balun

What you need:
A 23ft pop up mast to complete your setup
BNC female to pl-259 adapter
Carrying Bag (optional)

Note: Component colours may vary

Any questions please ask me.

Shipping to be calculated based on buyers location.

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