2.9 GHz Spectrum analyzer – HP 8594E– excellent


HP 8594E Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to 2.9 GHz (50 Ohms)

### Test those linear amps the right way, give me a shout ###

Passes all self tests. Far superior to miniSA with true sinewave testing on all frequencies and exceptional dynamic range. Amplitude range -127 to +30dBm. DANL (noisefloor) less than -127 dBm at 30 Hz RBW.
Direct key or dial entry of frequency, span, amplitude. Observe nearby signals with RBW down to 30Hz. -70dBc distortion, +-1.5 dB absolute accuracy yet agrees with new spec/an under 1 dBm. High safe input at +30 dBm. Superior specs compared t0 Rigol or Siglent at over $2000. No tracking generator lid or handles. 10 MHz external reference input and output. Has a 300 MHz -20 dBm signal output, great for checking attenuators. Marker counter, peak find, hold, track. Your chance for a real lab grade analyzer.  Prefer local pickup Calgary or eastern BC.

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