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Promote your listing and consider a Donation only AFTER it's Sold?

I want to thank users who donate to the site to help with monthly costs. Although will always be free to use, the site is costly to operate. Expenses include monthly cloud server hosting fees, as well as paid subscriptions for software tools used to develop and maintain site content.

DONATE...after you sell!

There’s no up-front cost to Promote your listing on Promote now, but only donate after your upgraded listing sells! No initial costs and zero risk when you donate only after your item sells.



List your surplus ham radio gear on hamshack.


Price Drop - Featured - Top - Showcase.


Sell fast with a minimum of 20,000 views per week.




You pick the option that's best for you

Select the best Option to Promote your listing

You pick the best hamshack option to Promote your listing. only Donate after your listing sells. There's no up-front cost and zero risk. Let hamshack do all the 'heavy-lifting' and only donate after your item sells. 

Banner Ads are also available on hamshack and are offered through donations to the site.  These are long-term advertising solutions perfect for small businesses, or individuals selling multiple items. Banner Ad advertising campaigns start at $10 per month. 

Price drop

Increased Exposure

$3 Suggested
  • Quick and Easy
  • Price Drop Banner
  • Reset to Current Date
  • 20,000 Views Per Week


Enhanced Exposure

$6 Suggested
  • 2X Increase in Views
  • Featured Banner
  • Shaded Listing
  • Displayed with Listings
  • Homepage Banner


Maximum Exposure

$9 Suggested
  • 20X Increase in Views
  • Top Listings Banner
  • Displayed on Each Page
  • #1 Position on Each Page
  • Top Listings Shading
  • Homepage Banner


Ultimate Exposure

$10 Month
  • 30X + Increase in Views
  • Long Term Banner ad
  • For Small Businesses
  • Display in Nav Bar
  • Display in Categories
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Graphics
  • 1,3,6 or 12 Months

Please note that the Suggested Donation amounts are just that…suggestions. Obviously any amount you may consider donating may be based on several factors:

  1. Item selling price
  2. Duration of listing (did it sell fast)
  3. Your overall hamshack user experience 
  4. Etc. 

In short, donate if you feel you’ve received a value-added service but only donate an amount you’re comfortable with. All donations are greatly appreciated and help to pay the cost of operating the site.