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Sell your gear faster and help support hamshack!

There’s no up-front cost to Promote your listing on Promote now, but only donate after your upgraded listing sells! No initial costs and zero risk. Let hamshack do all the 'heavy-lifting' and only donate after your item sells. 

Banner Ads are also offered through donations to the site.  These are long-term advertising solutions perfect for small businesses, or individuals selling multiple items. Banner Ad advertising campaigns start at $10 per month. 

Price drop

Increased Exposure

$3 Suggested
  • Quick and Easy
  • Price Drop Banner
  • Reset to Current Date
  • 20,000 Views Per Week


Enhanced Exposure

$6 Suggested
  • 2X Increase in Views
  • Featured Banner
  • Shaded Listing
  • Displayed with Listings
  • Homepage Banner


Maximum Exposure

$9 Suggested
  • 20X Increase in Views
  • Top Listings Banner
  • Displayed on Each Page
  • #1 Position on Each Page
  • Top Listings Shading
  • Homepage Banner

Please note that the Suggested Donation amounts are just that…suggestions. Obviously any amount you may consider donating may be based on several factors:

  1. Item selling price
  2. Duration of listing (did it sell fast)
  3. Your overall hamshack user experience 
  4. Etc. 

In short, donate if you feel you’ve received a value-added service but only donate an amount you’re comfortable with. All donations are greatly appreciated and help to pay the cost of operating the site.