Radio Test Equipment Repair and Calibration.

Radio Test Equipment Repair and Calibration.
I'm a senior radio technician, and have worked for several Motorola and oilfield radio shops, and even a California defence company for several years ...
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User and Service Manuals

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FREE – SY36 – 6 Element Tri-bander User Manual

GR-110 VHF Scanning Monitor Heathkit Assembly Manual


Electronic Circuits Reference Manual (Excellent)

$25total price

Yaesu FR-DX400 FRDX400 user manual with fold out schematic


Heathkit HW202 manual in fairly good condition with big schematic


Heathkit Manuals – will be sold cheap as I am downsizing stuff – letter mail rates for postage (low)


Various Electronic Books

$15total price

Original Assembly/User Manual for Heathkit Model IB-5281 RLC Bridge