Radio Test Equipment Repair and Calibration.

Radio Test Equipment Repair and Calibration.
I'm a senior radio technician, and have worked for several Motorola and oilfield radio shops, and even a California defence company for several years ...
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Computers and Hardware

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Computers and Hardware

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12 core Z800 Work Station HP Desk Top Computer

$800total price

ISO: used HDMI smaller 17 or 19 ” computer monitor

ISO: raspberry pi 3 or 4 for Hamclock


RCA 10″ Tablet android–good for DMR with Peanut and other android apps.


Daiwa CR-4 and MR-750 Rotor


Flexible Keyboard, light weight great for portable


Wanted – 23″ or 28″ Flat Screen computer monitor


ASUS Xonar U7 external USB Sound Card