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Design your own Featured Seller Page!
As a Featured Seller you can design, publish and host your own on-line ham radio buy and sell site. This service is free and eliminates the need for the complicated setup, hosting, development and maintenance associated with hosting your own buy and sell website! Simply complete the Featured Seller Form below. 

Note: You need to log into your hamshack account to view the Featured Seller Form

Once your Featured Seller Page is published simply add your new listings via the standard Hamshack Add New Listing page, which will be filtered to display on your Featured Seller page – it’s that simple.

In addition, Hamshack Featured Seller pages are designed to be search engine friendly, making it easy for potential buyers to find you on-line.

There’s no charge for this Service!

There’s no charge for a Featured Seller Page …and it’s perfect for users selling multiple and or unique items. You can customize your Featured Seller page:

  • Add photos and an overview of your service.
  • List unlimited items.
  • Choose your listing layout (grid format, list, slider).
  • Present QRZ and RAC Validation to establish credibility with your buyers.
  • Add a Map to display your QTH so buyers can shop by location.
  • Indicate the shipping methods you provide.
  • Mention other services such as local deliver, curbside pick-up and more. 

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