Hamshack.ca features effective search and filtering tools to help you easily find ham radio gear listed on the site. You can search and filter by various ham radio categories some of which include: ham radio Amplifiers, HF and VHF/UHF Antennas, Microphones, amateur radio HF VHF/UHF Transceivers, Power Meters and Tuners, and many more ham radio categories. You’ll even find a category dedicated to Vintage amateur radio gear! Hamshack’s filter by location feature is ‘handy’ – use it to quickly locate ham radio gear listed for sale in your specific region.

First time users can sign-up and start selling in a few simple steps, after which you can use the My Account Dashboard to easily list items for sale. Simply select My Listings to quickly add, edit or delete a listing. To start selling, select Add New Listing, choose the Type of listing, then select a ham radio Category that best-suits your ham radio item. Next add the listing Title, Price, ‘snappy’ Description which accurately describes your listing and includes keywords to help users find your item. After that, you can upload your ham radio gear images and also include a link to a video. Hamshack’s video link feature is popular among users wishing to demonstrate their ham radio gear in operation. Next, confirm your Contact information and submit your listing.

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