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Great that you’ve decided to add your Amateur radio group, club and or organization to the Club Listings Repository on hamshack. With your help we’ll ‘build’ the the most complete and up-to-date on-line repository of Canadian Amateur radio clubs and organizations. The  Repository will serve as a useful resource for all users seeking information about ham radio clubs and organizations in all regions of Canada. 

Many people only think of amateur radio as a hobby and overlook the many public services provided by ham radio clubs and organizations. Indeed, most organizations are very active in the community providing a wide-range of services some of which include:

  • Public awareness sessions on the many services provided by amateur radio clubs and organizations
  • Basic and advanced training for new operators 
  • Development and maintenance of extensive communications repeater systems
  • Provision of communications and logistical support for public events
  • Partnering with public organizations and groups to provide communications and logistical support during emergencies 

It is anticipated that these public organizations may access the Club Repository information to help identify amateur radio resources when planning local emergency services communications requirements. 

You’ll need to log into your hamshack User Account in order to view the Club/Organization Details Form used to add your Club to the hamshack Club Listing Repository. If you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to create a New Account

You’re set to Add your Club to the Repository once you’re logged in, by completing the Club Organization Details Form which is displayed below (if you’re logged into your Account)

Fill out the information in the Club/Organization Details form:

  • Enter the Name of your club or organization
  • Upload an image that you would like displayed in the Club Listing Repository summary listings
  • Next add a Description of your club or organization. Your Description can be a few lines or several paragraphs long – it’s up to you. And you can also include additional images in the Description as you feel appropriate.
  • Enter the Location you want displayed on your map. This can be a street address (if your club has one), or a name of the town or city
  • Enter the Primary Callsign for your club – assuming you have one. The Callsign will be rendered in LARGE bold font with your listing.

The next section of the Form will contain the links back to your club’s website. Simply copy and paste link information from the applicable pages of your website into the corresponding form fields, eg. as shown in the examples below:

  • Homepage
  • Meetings
  • News
  • Events
  • Repeaters
  • Contact us

Note: Don’t worry if your Club doesn’t have separate pages for Meetings, News, Events, etc. In this case you can paste in your homepage link, rather than leaving the fields blank.

Use the next two fields to indicate:

  • Training provided by your Club
  • Whether your Club provides Emergency Communications Services

When you’ve completed entering the information for your club simply click the Add New Button to publish your Club in the hamshack Club Listing Repository.  

That’s it…your Club details will be processed and published.